A useful wikipage:  
Halenar Frosthelm’s Arduin group:  #arduin  
The Blackmoor group covers Dave Arneson’s other works also:  #blackmoor  
Andrew Marrington’s Chivalry and Sorcery group:  #chivalryandsorcery  
The Ruins of Murkhill group covers a lot of the same ground as us. The owner, Ripper X, isn’t quite as pushy as I’ve been about how the group runs!:  
Bob Brinkman’s Metamorphosis Alpha group:  #metamorphosisalpha  
Victor Raymond's Classic Traveller group:  #traveller  
A great Empire of the Petal Throne blog/website: #tekumel  
And... The Excellent Travelling. A  high quality Tèkumel fanzine:  #tekumel  
Doyle Tavener has a Pendragon MeWe group:  #pendragon  
This is Rhys Miller's Space Opera (FGU 1980) group: #spaceopera  
The MeWe Tékumel group (also run by Victor Raymond:  #tekumel  
David Finch's Bushido group.  #bushido  
Mark Hunt's Gangbusters group:  #gangbusters  
Tekumel official website (this is totally amazing ed.)  #tekumel  
Tekumel podcast:  #tekumel  
@Brett Slocom has a Melee and Wizard group:  #meleewizard  
Tekumel Collecting website. Fabulous info here.  #tekumel  
Here is a new MeWe group mainly focused on Melee and Wizard  #meleewizard  
Tekumel shop, Tita's House of Games:  #tekumel  
Jon Peterson. renowned historian of our hobby has a blog: #playingattheworld  
This is Kerry Harrison's Gamma World MeWe group: #gammaworld  
This is the MeWe Star Frontiers group  
Bud Wright's Boot Hill (and others) MeWe group  
David North's FGU supporters club  
Talislanta website 
An excellent overview and an introduction with video!  

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